Indian Weddings

Our know-how for Indian weddings is our asset in order to help you organize your ideal venue in Crete and in general in Greece. We have innovative ideas for MANDAPs in order to build something spectacular to combine Indian and Greek cultures together for example, organize the Henna and the Sangit nights, and the Mendhi event… all well organized and looked after to every detail .

The deco and the structure of each event is based on your taste of colors, ideas and budget- we can build upon your suggestions and produce the final effect, to which will be based on your final approval.

We wish to stress out the fact that we try to do our final effect according to the means found in each local area or resort and be as close as possible to your type of traditional wedding. This is important as some areas in Greece are able to provide more variety and flexibility of an ideal Indian wedding and one of the areas we promote more than others is the island of Crete which combines beauty in landscape, excellent resorts, at more logical rates and highly feasible possibilities for an ideal Indian venue- for big weddings especially.

We have already decorations from India but we can always build and provide more as per your deco wishes. We already have some imported or custom made material and we also have an exemplary MANDAP which is an ideal combination of cultures.

We look forward in welcoming you and your guests in Greece!